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Monthly Archives: August 2007

Designed by Miedinger in 1957 as a swiss Sans serif competitor to Azkindenz Grotesque. named for the Confœderatio Helvetica, (swiss confederation in latin), Helvetica, is one of the most widely used typefaces worldwide.

The goal was to make the typeface neutral. to allow the context of the type shine over the typeface.

Helvetica celebrates its 50th birthday in 2007, to celebrate, a film is bing released called Helvetica:a Documentary Film.

serifs: none
characteristics: even stroke weight, G has a spur (unlike arial), all strokes are cut horizontaly or vertically.


Got My Nikon D40X DSLR as a graduation gift yesterday. along with a case and a 55-200 Zoom lense

and check out the site, Picturetown
(done by MRM Worldwide by the way.)

Why when i buy an iced coffee from the guy on the street in the morning, does he bag it? he puts my coffee and a straw in bag.

further more, why put my hot coffee in a bag? its harder to hold and more likely to spill.

this is why we have global warming.. worthless bagging.

John Baskerville was an english printer in the 1700s. He worked with a punch cutter to create many of his designs.

Serif: Transitional
usage: books, body copy
characteristics: High contrast, shark serifs, verticle axis,

Being a perfectionist, Baskervilles typeface is so “perfect” in its contrasting strokes that it was said to make you go blind.

Based on the English typeface Caslon, Baskerville has been done revived many times over the years by Matthew Carter, František Štorm, Lars Bergquist and Zuzana Licko.

H&FJ have to be my favorite type foundry. overall their work is very readable yet still unique. They are a pair or Armchair Type Historians

Usage: anything New York, anything cool
charcteristics: Geometric, open, many weights

A very interesting type design process. They planned to photograph every sign in Manhattan to use as a basis for their typeface.

[from] “Every designer has admired the no-nonsense lettering of the American vernacular, those letters of paint, plaster, neon, glass and steel that figure so prominently in the urban landscape.

Gotham is an adaptation of this vanishing style, which manages to feel strikingly new and comfortably familiar at the same time.”

Hoefler Text
usage: anything and everything
characteristics: old style numberals, “classical book typography”

hoefler text was a 1991 experiment in Apple Advanced typography , giving it automatic ligatures and other complex typographic elements. includes a matching ornament font.

moved my sister into her dorm at Wash U. got to see how air headed she really is.

she couldnt explain that her internet connection didnt work “my ehternet plug in thingy wired isnt working” (but with more giggles). along with her 50 pairs of shoes and 40 or more bags, i think shes ready to lower her GPA, (just kidding, shes more book smarter then me)

but i got to go to busch stadium to see the cards host the braves. look at this sweet picture i took (from

The stadium was beautiful, had the best ballpark hotdogs ive ever had, grilled, not boiled, with sourkraut.

ya= what my dad things all southern people say instead of yeah. he then repeated it throughout lunch with her oklahoma friend.

How could an online typography blog start with anything but Matthew Carter and his screen fonts.

The son of a printing historian, Matthew Carter, began his type carrier as a freelance designer and typographic adviser to Crosfield Electronics. He formed Bitstream with a friend in 1981. Bitstream is a developer of digital fonts.

He left Bitstream in 1991 to start Carter & Cone Type Foundry. His main goal while designing type is readability, clearly evident in the digital screen fonts Verdana and Georgia.

serif: sans
usage: digital, online, screen, NOT print
characteristics: larger x-height, large counters, wide proportions and loose letterspacing.

serif: of course
usage: digital, online, screen, NOT print
characteristics: larger x-height, large counters, wide proportions and loose letterspacing.
similar to Times new roman, Old style numerals.

The design of a typeface starts with the Romn style. The designer progresses then to bold and an oblique version.

this blog will act as a way for me to continue my research in typography. Which began my senior year at the univerity of Delaware. which sparked the creation of Roman, and the process of Bold and oblique.

[livevideo id=805CBF7BB66A4D08ABFDCB34113DB8FD/13394/folgers-happy-morning-commercial.aspx]
Folgers Happy Morning Commercial

“the art world can finally go digital”