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Every tuesday, 10:00 on ESPN.

(stolen from wikipedia)
The central theme of the adaptation will be the 1977 New York Yankees against the backdrop of New York City. Yankee superstar Reggie Jackson and manager Billy Martin are locked in a perpetual state of warfare. Jackson was a perfect foil for the scrappy Martin, the hero of New York’s fed-up working-class and a powerful reminder of the team’s—and the city’s—less complicated past. While owner George Steinbrenner was providing General Patton-style leadership, he was intent on keeping his promise to the people of New York of delivering a World Series title. The show also features subplots concerning the NYPD’s pursuit of the Son of Sam serial killer that summer and the devastating blackout and resultant widespread looting in July, all while the city suffered through financial bankruptcy and massive municipal layoffs.


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