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moved my sister into her dorm at Wash U. got to see how air headed she really is.

she couldnt explain that her internet connection didnt work “my ehternet plug in thingy wired isnt working” (but with more giggles). along with her 50 pairs of shoes and 40 or more bags, i think shes ready to lower her GPA, (just kidding, shes more book smarter then me)

but i got to go to busch stadium to see the cards host the braves. look at this sweet picture i took (from

The stadium was beautiful, had the best ballpark hotdogs ive ever had, grilled, not boiled, with sourkraut.

ya= what my dad things all southern people say instead of yeah. he then repeated it throughout lunch with her oklahoma friend.


One Comment

  1. Yay St. Louis!

    Glad you got to see a cardinals game – a very St. Louis thing to do : )

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