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H&FJ have to be my favorite type foundry. overall their work is very readable yet still unique. They are a pair or Armchair Type Historians

Usage: anything New York, anything cool
charcteristics: Geometric, open, many weights

A very interesting type design process. They planned to photograph every sign in Manhattan to use as a basis for their typeface.

[from] “Every designer has admired the no-nonsense lettering of the American vernacular, those letters of paint, plaster, neon, glass and steel that figure so prominently in the urban landscape.

Gotham is an adaptation of this vanishing style, which manages to feel strikingly new and comfortably familiar at the same time.”

Hoefler Text
usage: anything and everything
characteristics: old style numberals, “classical book typography”

hoefler text was a 1991 experiment in Apple Advanced typography , giving it automatic ligatures and other complex typographic elements. includes a matching ornament font.


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