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Nicolas Jenson is said to have designed the first Roman typeface. Jenson learned the art of moveable type in the mid 1400s in italy, some believe he studied type with Gutenberg.

He type designs were based on the era’s Typographic principals. He later developed a greek typeface and a Black letter face.

Jenson started his own book trading companies. A 1482 advertisement about Jenson’s books said:

“do not hinder one’s eyes, but rather help them and do them good. Moreover, the characters are so intelligently and carefully elaborated that the letters are neither smaller, larger nor thicker than reason or pleasure demand.”

In 1966, Adobe released Abobe Jenson, a revival created by Robert Slimbach. The italics for Adobe Jenson are based on those by Ludovico Vicentino degli Arrighi, another italian type designer.

Adobe Jenson
Serif: Venetian oldstyle
usage: good for body copy
characteristics:low x-height, inconsistencies that help differentiate letters


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