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aka: pound sign(us only), hash, checkmate, number sign, crosshatch, hex, tic-tac-toe, sharp (kinda but not really)

The octothorpe was formed after printer had difficulty representing the lb and numbers. The pound sign/number sign needed an abbreviation when printing. first an lb with a line through it came, but the lowercase l and 1 looked similar, and printers fear that confusion. eventually a skewed = was combined with a double / to make a #.

There are many stories behind the name octothorp.
(thank you world wide words) these are my favorites:

A second story says that it is a whimsical creation based on the idea that the symbol looks like a village surrounded by eight fields. Thorp is the Old Norse word for a village.

It was a joke term, originally octatherp, invented by two friends, who deliberately included the th sound that would be difficult for speakers of some languages to say.

How to use:
denotes hexadecimal colors, #”389042″
used in many programming languages
indicates a number value
computer: shift + 3
Unicode: U+0023
ASCII: #23.
Chess: # is the sign for checkmate.


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