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Xavier Dupré began sketching Vista while on vacation in Sumatra. He noticed many of the hand made signs with interesting decorative letters, slab serifs and triangular serifs. His plan was to create a semi serif typeface based on this characteristics.

Dupré had difficulties early on and stopped the creation of this typeface. After 2 years he revisited his sketches and removed the Serifs, simplifing the entire face.

Dupré feels that Vista combines a humanist and blackletter typeface.

Vista Sans
Serif: sans
Usage: text and display.
Characteristics: Vista combines curves and sharp points nicely.
The a: “…In Vista, the “a” became the most characteristic letter. It’s the soul of Vista. The “a” has a special appeal to me; when I was a student, I learned to recognize and identify fonts by observing this character.

The “a” in Vista is inspired by blackletter. I wanted to incorporate the rhythm of blackletters; big contrast, emphasis on the vertical, graphic and strong looking. I combined this with humanist shapes to make a well-working text font. So the form and the rhythm of Vista are a blend of blackletter and humanist writing.” ~Dupré

note: there is also an alternate version of Vista.

Top: vista, bottom Vista Alternate.


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