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Giambattista Bondoni was a highly skilled Italian engraver, printer and typographer. His technical abilities helped him create the thin hairline serifs on the family of fonts named after him.

Bodoni studied the types of John Baskerville, He paid particular attention to the contrast of Baskervilles letters. Baskervilles type was said to make one blind because of its high contrast of letters, Bodoni is even higher in contrast. Bodoni was also inspired by the designs of Firmin Didot.

Serif: hairline serifs
classifications: Didone or modern
characteristics: High contrast between strokes, thin flat serifs, geometric.

Digital issues: Bodoni suffers from a form of digital degradation, called “dazzle”. the alternating thick and thin strokes are difficult for the screen to represent and inkjet printers to print cleanly. the thin strokes are to thin at the smaller point sizes. Also, digital type is based on one design, and mathematically scaled for different point sizes. Some designers found ways around dazzle with “optical scaling”.


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