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Working in web design, I was introduced to the pixel font Unibody a few months ago as legal copy on a banner ad. My creative director recommended Underware’s Unibody 8.

Unibody 8 was designed to work with screen pixels to create a clear and readable small typeface on the screen. This font needs no anti-aliasing (blurring around the pixels to create a smooth look).

The Unibody family has 5 members. Roman, Italic, Bold, Black and Small Caps.

Unibody 8
serif: its 8 pt type, no.
usage: web design. good for use in photoshop and flash.
characteristics: 8 pt pixel font. Italics are all upright are similar to script.
cost: FREE

Underware explains the concept behind Unibody 8:
“As you probably know, the computer screen consists of very tiny squares called pixels. Quite often in a web design it is essential to choose a body text typeface which reveals this basic pixel construction. Adopting a strong ‘form-follows-function’ approach, screen type often focuses your eyes on the text without needing blurry anti-aliasing (computer generated curve-smoothening), which can be too heavy at a very small size like 8 pts.

For this reason we have developed Unibody 8-typeface, which is an optimized screen font family for Macromedia Flash MX and Adobe PhotoShop. It will remain aliased at size 8 pts, in other words it gives a crisp pixel image. We didn’t force the type to do anything other than what’s naturally possible with this basic 8 pixel grid. For example, the italic is upright (see sample below) to avoid broken diagonal stems. We also decided to give a width of two pixels for most of the letter spaces. Quite often this space is only one pixel, and that can force letters to melt into each other on poor monitors or at lower resolutions.”


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