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Peter Biľak was Born in the Czech republic, went to school in England, the US and France, and ended up in the netherlands. He does work in type, editorial, graphic and web design. He also is a teacher at the Royal Academy in The Hague. Biľak started Typotheque in 1999.

Fedra was commissioned by Paris-based Ruedi Baur Integral Design and developed as a corporate font for Bayerische Rück, a German insurance company, as part of their new identity. The objective was to “de-protestantize Univers.”

Bayerische was acquired by a larger company, ending the production of Fedra. However since a lot of the work had been done, Biľak decided to finish the typeface, including more weights and expert fonts.

Unfortnatly, about 3 months before the release of Fedra, Biľak’s studio was broken into and he lost all of the work. This became beneficial to the typeface becasue it gave him time to rethink some of his design decisions with the original (he still had his sketches.)

The typeface reflects the original brief “it humanises the communicated message and adds simple, informal elegance”. It attempts to reconcile two opposing design approaches “rigidity of a typeface designed for the computer screen and flexibility of a handwriting.”

Fedra is a multiligual font, in over 70 languages.

Fedra Sans
serif: sans
characteritics: Each weight of Fedra sans includes 4 different sets of numbers, Tabular figures, Lining figures (for use with upper case, and small caps), Old style figures, superior/ subscrupt figures (make nice fractions). Designed to work equally well on screen and on paper.

Fedra Serif
serif: serif
chacteristics: Version A: Low contrast with extremely short ascenders and descenders, worked very well at small sizes.
Version B: Higher contrast, longer ascenders and descenders, comtempory design. good for high resolution printing where its shape can be appreciated.


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