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René Albert Chalet is the typographic (and fashion) genius behind hit self titled typeface. House Industries (foundry who released chalet) considers him “he most underappreciated yet arguably greatest typeface designers in history.”

Although he never fully received the recognition he deserved, René Chalet was better known in fashion circles for his contributions to developing the prêt-à-porter clothing market of the 1960s and ’70s. His bold departure from the Haute Couture establishment helped to build the commercial model around which the present fashion industry is structured. In fact, the Swiss-born designer embodied the very same daring and adventuresome attitudes he brought into vogue during those explosive decades.(house ind)

serif: none
Usage: Chalet felt this typeface was good for display. Functional type, with flair.
characteristics: geometrical and humanist. There are many variations of each letterform. for example there is a single and two storey a.

René’s work has not been resurrected from the pages of fashion history simply for empty nostalgic reflection. With the release of the CHALET type collection, House Industries hopes to finally bring recognition to the fashion and font legacy of René Albert Chalet.(house ind)

(note: René Albert Chalet only exists in the minds of those at House Industries he was created to help market the typeface.)


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