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Amazing site dedicated to FINDING HE-MAN.

Who is He-Man?
Millions of years before God created dinosaurs, he created He-Men. Born from contact between a lightning bolt and a volcano, He-Men ruled the Earth alone in their perfect race of seemingly indestructible quasi-humans. From this point on, until now, He-Men have slowly become more and more extinct, until, as it is in present day, there is but one He-Man left: He-Man himself, the former ruler of the entire He-Man race. He roams the streets of lower Manhattan, barreling through parks, avenues, and railroad stations. He needs neither clothes nor shoes, but reluctantly wears them in an attempt to woo the gaze of the human female. With the body density of a black hole and the ability to smell emotion, he watches all, protecting us from the future apocalypse of which he will be the only survivor. This is He-Man.”


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