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Monthly Archives: December 2007

just watch the begining


Dawn bought me this book for the holidays. Its awesome.
some pages from it:

she also bought me a labbit.


Im at the car dealership getting my car fixed… ugh

great way to spend my day off.

The mets family features a serif and a sans serif, officially called ff meta sans and ff meta serif. The sans was designed by Spiekerman in the 90’s. Meta is a very popular and well known sans serif face, small intricate make it a very interesting face.

After much love for the sans, he attempted the serif.

3 years and help from Christian Schwartz and Kris Sowersby he accomplished the goal of a serif counterpart.

The 2 are made to compliment each other. One could easily use the 2 face at the same size in the same line without problem.

This write up is really half assed and not giving meta the praise it truly deserves.

Serif and sans

(ok i know your saying “stencil?”… just read it)

Stencil was designed in 1937 by Gerry Powell. He succeeded in imitating the spray painted on to a big wooden crate type. There are capital only.

Serif: flat rounded serif.
usage: military army spray painty stuff?
Characteristics: Rounded edges, thick main strokes, and PYLONS…

The area of a stencil font which (a) adds structural integrity to the letterform, and (b) increases aesthetic value and/or legibility through the inclusion of counters.

last night was “Baby’s First Chanukah”. She ate brisket and vegetables, light the candles, beat me at dreidle, opened presents and had some philly fluff.

oh and baby is 22.

[There was also a bar on my train last night. It was like someone rolled the bar from its usual spot on the train platform onto the train. There might have been 40-50 people in that train car enjoying a tasty beverage on their way home. a game of poke on a cardboard table even started up in the 3 facing 3 seats.]