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For the past 8 or 9 years the weekend before the superbowl was all about baseball for me. That sunday night is the BBWAA dinner for the New York chapter. The night starts out with cocktails with my table at 5. ballroom at 6 for dinner (same thing every year: Yeungling, Tortellini, Prime rib with potatoes and vegetables, cake, platter of cookies and coffee)

You get tickets by knowing a guy. For me its my sisters best friends fahers brother in-laws best friend who knows Phil Pepe.

This year we get to see:
Winners of the BBWA Awards
MVPs Rodriguez and Jimmy Rollins
Cy Young Award winners Jake Peavy and C.C. Sabathia
Rookies of the Year Ryan Braun and Dustin Pedroia
Managers of the Year Bob Melvin and Eric Wedge.

New York Chapter’s awards:
Denny McLain
Luis Tiant
Craig Biggio
Alex Rodriguez
Bobby Murcer
Joba Chamberlain
Johnny Damon

Other notable guests:
Goose Gossage, Billy Wagner, Yogi Berra and Dick Williams
Mets manager Willie Randolph, Rusty Staub and Yankees manager Joe Girardi.

BBWAA dinner story:
one year Sandy Koufax made an appearance. I believe he was presenting the Cy Young to Barry Zito. While waiting for autographs as players exited, Mr Koufax was walking down signing for everyone. He got 1 person away from me and my friend Alex, when Mr Zito stopped him, and asked if he would teach him how to throw a curveball. Koufax asked to borrow Alex’s ball, and stepped aside to teach zito his famous pitch. Me and Alex stood there amazed that Sandy Koufax is teaching Barry zito to throw a curveball with his ball. They returned the ball, signed it and my program and continued down the line to other fans.



  1. thats absolutely awesome.

    Do you plan to go tonight to seek out autographs? I think i might head up there.. its at 53rd and 6th right? What time do you think you need to get there? 8/9?

  2. dinner starts at 6, goes until 10ish.

    not sure why i’m responding after the event.

  3. jealous.

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