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The only person signing was Luis Tiant or “El Tiante”.

some highlights:

Joba asking Eric Wedge not to bring the bugs back next time they play.
Denny McLain asking Rusty staub to go to a buffet later, because they owner might give them $100 to go somewhere else.
A-Rods velvet suit, and the fact he didn’t thank Cynthia.
Yogi Berra introducing a-rod by not speaking into the mic.
Tiant and CC Sabathia laughing on the dais. Tiant is about 5ft tall and 120 lbs, CC is huge.
The fact that Dustin Pedroia is balding
Pedroia thanking NY fans for not booing him.
Willie Randolph asking Jimmy Rollins for any predictions.
Jimmy thanking his mom for teaching him to trash talk.
Craig Biggio telling Goose Gossage he hit his first HR off of him.
Johnny Damon and the wounded warrior project
Bobby Murcer, ya gotta have heart award.


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