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Archer, The colorful Slab Serif
Sweet but not saccharine, earnest but not grave, Archer is designed to hit just the right notes of forthrightness, credibility, and charm.

Just kinda looking around and saw their new face archer. It was designed for Marth Stewart Living. Since for a magazine, they had many design problems to face, like body copy, headlines, small caps, lists, charts, numbers etc etc. there are Ball terminals on the lowercase. There are similarities to a typewriter face, but more geometric.

Anorexic type… Archer features a thinner then extra light, thinner then thin weight, called Hairline. its really nice, i love the dots/ball serifs at this weigh. I feel like a headline or paragrpah at hairline will be really interesting, connect-the-dots-looking.

Take a look at the serif on the lowercase a. Itallics are real nice too.

check it out >


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