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Going to school in Delaware I got to experience one of the best moments in sports.. when Mr. Celery comes out from behind the Blue Rocks dugout to celebrate a run.

Heres some info the Wilmington Blue rocks mascot. (from

What is the hardest thing about being Mr. Celery?
Sometimes it can get hot in the suit — which is little more than a big, green tube — when you’re standing in the tunnel waiting to come out. And then there are the giant sneakers.

Why a celery?
That’s the question we get asked the most. The best answer I can give you is the one that our general manager, Chris Kemple, always gives: ‘Why not?’

How was Mr. Celery born?
The answer isn’t very glamorous. He was found while dumpster diving. The team was looking for costumes for promotional ideas, and we found a bunch of costumes that a concession company had thrown out. There was also a pink rabbit.


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