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America’s 100 most important sports venues

In honor of my last visit to yankee stadium tonight, and the fact I just read about the top 100 sports venues accoding to some guy at ESPN… here are the members of the top 100 I have visited.

1) Yankee Stadium– been many many times
2) Camden Yards – its in baltimore? thats it.
3) Madison square garden – preseason NIT wed. before thanksgiving every year.
6) The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum
11) Fenway park – last time there was with KR we all wore yankees jerseys, Sox played the indians.
13) Wrigley Field – ran my first 5K through its concourse
28) Shea Stadium – 3rd game of a subway series… some dude had a met doll hung from a broom
36) Pro Football Hall of Fame
67) Bethpage Black – Went sledding there when I was little
72) Texas Stadium – learned how to order and eat nachos the right way… with everything on them.
93) Coney Island – hotdogs


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