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The new Dutch five euro commemorative coin by Stani Michiels commemorates architecture

The side with the Queen is formed with the names of famous dutch architects. The designer had the problem of how to organize the names. Chronological or Alphabetical. He decided to do it based on the internet.
“The tension between what is readable and what not, is also a metaphor how time shapes history. Some big names of the past, might be smaller names in the future and vice versa. To reflect this idea, I chose to order the architects not alphabetically or chronologically but in a new way: I used the internet as a seismograph and ordered the architects by the number of hits on the internet.”

The back side with the books, forms the shape of the Netherlands in the negative space. the Birds are each notice to the regions the fly above, and are placed above each provinces capital.

Oh, and he did it all with free software. Link


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