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Category Archives: blackletter

Lucida is an extended family of typefaces designed by the team of Charles Bigelow and Kris Holmes in 1985. There are many variations in the Lucida family.

Bigelow ans Holmes worked with a vendor to create a full set of mathematical symbols. These symbols help make Lucida one of the most complete type families.

Serif, Sans serif… blackletter, caligraphy, handwriting, Fax, Bright, Sans Unicode, Grande, Sans typewriter.
Lucida Grande has 2,245 characters. Grande is a Humanist Sans Serif.
Used: Mac OS X, Front Row, Windows’s Blue screen of Death


Jonathan Barnbrook is a British Graphic Designer and Typographer. Born in 1966, Barnbrook trained at Central St Martin’s and at the Royal College of Art. Barnbrook Released many fonts with the Emigre type foundry, and even more with his own Virus foundry.

Classified: Geometric Blackletter
Weights: Spindly Bastard, Fat Bastard, and Even Fatter Bastard
characteristics: looks almost hand done, with the angular nip like strokes, However it was all computer created.

“a modern production of a historic font”