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Archer, The colorful Slab Serif
Sweet but not saccharine, earnest but not grave, Archer is designed to hit just the right notes of forthrightness, credibility, and charm.

Just kinda looking around and saw their new face archer. It was designed for Marth Stewart Living. Since for a magazine, they had many design problems to face, like body copy, headlines, small caps, lists, charts, numbers etc etc. there are Ball terminals on the lowercase. There are similarities to a typewriter face, but more geometric.

Anorexic type… Archer features a thinner then extra light, thinner then thin weight, called Hairline. its really nice, i love the dots/ball serifs at this weigh. I feel like a headline or paragrpah at hairline will be really interesting, connect-the-dots-looking.

Take a look at the serif on the lowercase a. Itallics are real nice too.

check it out >


One of Zuzanas favorite typefaces is Bodoni. she was attracted to its clean lines and geometric shapes. However, she felt that Bodoni at a small size was tough to read.

Filosofia is Zuzanas interpretation of Bodoni’s work. She incorporated features such as a bulging round serif. She also reduced the stroke contrast in the regular weight (to combate the “dazzling” found in digital versions of Bodoni). The Filosofia grand family is more delicate and refined then the regulars.

Filosophia is Italian for Philosophy

Serif: flat and thin.
Use: regular for text and grand for headlines.
characteritics: personally I think that this is a very “soft” version of bodoni. it reads smoothly and cleanly.

Neutraface is based on the architecture designed by Richard Neutra and his signage. Neutra’s designs usualy showed a connections between man and nature, biorealism (as he called it). This was accomplished with elements such as reflective pools and large floor to ceiling glass windows.

Neutraface reflects Neutra’s attention to detail and his architecture. The letterforms are open and neutral. Modern and simple. the typeface can be though if a hybrid geometric and humanist sans serif face, like Richard Neutra’s Biorealistic designs

serif: non, geometric
usage: originaly it was meant to be a display face. however, House made it into a text face as well.
characteristics: geometric, even strokes, low x height.

House Industries is located in Yorklyn Delaware.

Starting in Advertising, then left to start his own studio, Herb Lubalin became a designer for a series of magazines, Eros, Fact and Avante Garde. It was after the collapse of Fact that Lubalin, with Publisher Ralph Ginzberg, started Avant Garde

The Typeface was based on the Magazines logo (see above)

ITC Avante Garde
Serif: geometric sans (designs were drawn with compass and t-square)
usage: display and small amounts of copy
characteristics: Tight fitting letterforms, circles and clean lines,

After the typefaces release Lubalin realized it was being misunderstood and misused by inexperienced designers. Its overuse made it a stereotypical 1970s font.

“Avant Garde was Lubalin’s signature, and in his hands it had character; in others’ it was a flawed Futura-esque face.” ~Steven Heller

Typeface designer, painter, author, and teacher, Paul Renner had talent in many areas. Renner wasn’t associated with the Bauhaus, However he did share many beliefs with them. For example he believed that a modern typeface should express modern models, rather than be a revival of a previous design.

Futura’s initial design has many Geometrically constructed alternative letterforms and old style characters

serif: Geometric sans
Famouly used: Apollo 11 moon plague, Graphic identity of VW,
Characteristics: almost perfect geometric shapes, very low (if any) stroke contrast, ascenders rise above cap height.

Jonathan Barnbrook is a British Graphic Designer and Typographer. Born in 1966, Barnbrook trained at Central St Martin’s and at the Royal College of Art. Barnbrook Released many fonts with the Emigre type foundry, and even more with his own Virus foundry.

Classified: Geometric Blackletter
Weights: Spindly Bastard, Fat Bastard, and Even Fatter Bastard
characteristics: looks almost hand done, with the angular nip like strokes, However it was all computer created.

“a modern production of a historic font”